Hi, my name is Kevin Kaltenbaugh and I live in the Cook Forest area(Clarion,PA) with my wife Vicki.
We own and operate our gallery/frameshop named (Gallery in the Forest) and are located 2 miles south of Cook Forest/Clarion river bridge along RT 36.
My main photographic interest is nature/outdoor/scenics. Primarily self taught, much of my ability and knowledge of photography comes from many years of experience,reading books and magazines and of course trial and error. I've been photographing since my early teens when my grandfather would take me various places with camera in hand. I was always amazed at the power of an image to capture a moment/emotion and have other people relate to that moment. As the years went by my interest moved toward the beauty of nature. I would travel with camera to photograph locations throughout the United States. Mainly National Parks and wilderness areas. Camping,hiking and backpacking were things I enjoyed and the camera always went along. Today I still enjoy those things but the biggest draw is to capture that special image that shows this magical world we live in. That keeps me seaching for the next moment.
Please feel free to wonder through our online galleries and sign our guestbook. Also, check back often as I plan to keep adding images and updating these galleries.
Thanks again for stopping by and we hope to see you at our gallery sometime soon. A special thanks to all who've help support this journey.